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COVID -19 Safety Tips

In Real Estate Photography during Coronavirus, we at DDB Real Estate Photography have a preventative measure to reduce the risk of contracting and spreading the virus during photo and/or video shoots. We’re in this together. To help protect the homeowner, the agent, and the photographer, we strictly implemented new policies and procedures for our in-home photography appointments. These are intended to help keep everyone safe from the virus and to follow the appropriate guidance from the CDC regarding contact and social distancing during this crisis.

 Effective immediately please help us by following these important rules before booking:

1. We’ve instructed our photographers that if they feel ill at all or have been in contact with someone that is sick, they should have us reassign their shoots.

2. We’ve also instructed our photographers that if they are on-site at a property where there is a possibility of contracting an illness, they should leave which we need to know first if someone is ill before booking.

3. We ask that our clients let us know if a property cannot be shot due to illness prior to the scheduled agreement.

4. Our photographers have been instructed to not touch any personal items inside the property during the photoshoot.

5. Limited attendance to the photoshoot. We ask our agents and homeowners to be off-site for the duration of any shoot during the COVID-19 crisis. If our agents or homeowners must be in attendance, we ask them kindly to wait in a physically separated part of the property, by a distance of no less than 20 feet, on a different floor if possible.

6. We ask that the property be clean and all surfaces disinfected with an approved disinfectant prior to the photographer’s arrival.

7. To eliminate the need to touch items in the home, turn on all lights, open blinds, windows, and interior doors before the start of the shoot.

8. Please note that our photographers are instructed to wear face-covering while on the property being photographed. 

Our clients are very important to us. We believe the steps above will help keep us all safe from spreading viruses and keep us healthy. We encourage you to talk to us first before or at the appointment about any concerns and instructions. By working together, we’ll get through this!